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These restaurants are upscale but relaxed; elegant dining spots in which you don't have to don a jacket but you also won't want to wander in wearing flip flops. When you want something a little special but not too fancy, we highly recommend these Austin sushi restaurants.


Nanami Sushi Bar & Grill
9001 Brodie Lane, Suite B-1
Austin, TX 78748

This authentically cozy Japanese restaurant will make you feel like you've stepped into a sleek restaurant in Japan. Here, sushi is an art form -- every dish that emerges from the sushi bar is picture perfect, and tastes just as good. Don't forget to try their martinis and sakes, flavored with green tea, coconut, lemongrass, and mango.

Must try: geisha roll, Lovers raw fish popper (spicy salmon, tuna, avocado, tempura flakes)


Mikado Ryotei
9033 Research Boulevard
Austin, TX 78758

This is the first and only Japanese restaurant in Austin to serve northern Japanese-style tapas along with an extensive sushi bar selection. The fish is flown in fresh from Hawaii several times a week, which is the explanation for their melt-in-your-mouth sushi and sashimi offerings. A solid spot for entertaining out-of-town guests.

Must try: snow crab crisp maki: crisp crab rolls stuffed with snow crab and masago
Hottie susan maki: spicy tuna, cucumber, salmon, avocado, spicy sauce


Tomo Sushi
4101 W Parmer Lane, Suite E
Austin, TX 78727
Neighborhood: Milwood

Husband and wife team Steve Riad and Tina Son own Tomo sushi. Chef Riad brings 18 years of experience to the fresh sushi, while Tina Son manages the restaurant and is the face of the business (she has an incredible memory for names, faces, and favorite rolls!). The fish is flown in regularly from the Tsukiji Fish Market in Japan and from the Honolulu Fish Market.

Must try: Steamed Mussels (in garlic butter sake sauce)


Musashino Sushi Dokoro
3407 greystone Drive
Austin, TX 78731

Musashno Sushi Dokor is the place to get Tokyo style sushi in Austin. They're stubbornly devoted to Edome Zushi style sushi -- you'll have to go for yourself to understand the precision and quality that comes with this art form. The dining room is quite laid back; you might even call it mildly beachy. But these people are serious about their sushi, with fresh fish flown in regularly from Canada, New York, Hawaii, and Japan. Check out the sushi etiquette section of the website -- even longtime sushi eaters will find something surprising there!

Must try: Hakata Ramen, rock and roll (sushi) jumbo shrimp tempura, smelt caviar, avocado, sweet sauce


Cho Sushi Japanese Fusion
4300 N Quinlan Park Road, Suite 105
Austin, TX 78732
Neighborhood: NW Austin
Upscale casual

Cho Sushi is owned by David Cho, formerly of Kenichi restaurant. This Austin hot spot is beloved even by those who don't like sushi, because of what many hail as the best steak in Austin (surprising, right?). Go for lunch to catch a good deal, or for the all day happy hour on Sundays.

Must try: any of the nigiri (so fresh)





Nigiri was designed as a food that could be eaten on the go. Therefore, proper nigiri etiquette is to eat nigiri by hand - without chopsticks!

"Whenever friends or family come to visit us in Austin, we take them to Nanami Sushi Bar & Grill. People are always impressed by the quiet elegance of the space, and, of course, the sushi rolls are to die for." -- Quinn R.


"Every time we go to Tomo Sushi, we're warmly greeted by Tina -- we would come back to see her even if the sushi weren't so amazing! But, of course, the sushi is impeccably done and we feel so lucky to live nearby so we can have it often." -- Everett O.

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