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Sushi doesn't have to be a pricey or dressy occasion -- in fact, sushi started out as a handheld food for busy people to eat by hand while on the go! These are our top picks for laid back Austin sushi spots.

DK Sushi
6400 South First Street
Center Suite C
Austin, TX 78745

Once upon a time, DK was mostly a market with a small sushi bar. Now, the roles have been reversed, and the space is mostly taken up by dining tables, with a small market section at the back. The friendly service and great prices are what keep people coming back. A great combination of Japanese and Korean food are available -- which is perfect if you can't decide between the two. Show up for karaoke night and take to the stage like the rock star you are!

Must try: nagimaki broiled beef rolled with green onion
Bul Gal Bi Grilled beef marinated in special Korean sauce


4917 Airport Boulevard
Austin TX 78751

Kome is a homestyle Japanese restaurant with a casual, comfortable ambiance. There's nothing pretentious about this cozy spot. We highly recommend their combination lunches and their noodle dishes (ramen and udon). The perfect place to kick back when you want a relaxing meal -- whether you're craving something hot or something raw.

Must try: Tonkatusu ramen, una-don (eel), karaage Teishoku
Crunchy dynamie roll: spicy tuna, avocado, tempura crunchies


Roll on Sushi Diner
5350 Burnet, Suite 2
Austin, TX 78756

This Allandale restaurant is a true combination of Austin's wacky charmand the sushi we love so much. The diner-style restaurant allows visitors to sit at the counter to watch while sushi chefs prepare untraditional sushi combinations. Each dish is a fixed price depending on the plate color. At the end of the meal, servers tally up your colored plates to serve you up with a (really reasonable) grand total! Daily happy hour from 5 to 7pm.

Must try: Beefy Texan bowl: beef brisket, wasabi coleslaw, avocado, spicy bbq mayo, sushi rice
Cholesta roll: chicken fried stake with gravy in a sushi roll


How Do You Roll?
10515 N Mopac Expressway, Suite A165
Austin, TX 78759

Brothers Yuen and Peter Yung worked at their mom and dad’s restaurant in Houston while growing up. Yuen went into business, while Peter became the head sushi chef at a fine dining restaurant at the ripe old age of 24. Both craved a place where they could get fresh, inexpensive sushi made just the way they liked it – they couldn’t find such a place, so they opened their own.


Ryu of Japan
11101 Burnet Road
Austin, TX 78758

Tucked into a corner of a strip mall, this sushi restaurant is under the radar, but the food is excellent. Prices are great too, rarely rising above $35 for dinner for two. Ryu runs a daily happy hour from 5:30 to 7pm, with reduced prices on rolls, houes wine, sake, and beer.

Must try: Traditional miso butter ramen and the okonomiyaki


Wondering how Austin sushi restaurants get such fresh fish? Most of it is flown in from Japan, Hawaii, or California. Yep, that's well-traveled sashimi!

"We absolutely loved Kome. We used to dine at a more expensive sushi restaurant, but after visiting Kome we realized we could get excellent sushi without all the frills. It's our go to restaurant!" -- Jack W.


"Roll on Sushi is a quirky place that our kids love (and so do we). Everything is a novelty, from sitting at the counter to counting the colored plates. Usually we're trying to get the kids to sit still, but at Roll On Sushi they're totally enraptured the whole time." -- Cassie L.