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Irrashaimase! (Welcome!)

How do you know which are the best sushi restaurants in Austin?
This was the question we asked ourselves whenever we were faced with a night out in Austin. Over the course of a year, we researched reviews and visited all of Austin's sushi restaurants several times (yes, poor us!). We talked to other locals and got their impressions. Then we created this site to help visitors and Austin residents to make a decision about the sushi restaurant most fitting for their cravings.
Top Chef Winner: Tyson Cole

Uchi is one of the hottest sushi restaurants in Austin, and it's not just because Tyson Cole won on the hit series "Top Chef." The food is delectable, the service is fantastic, and the ambiance is pitch perfect.

Some of Our Favorites

Finn & Porter
How Do You Roll?


Who We Are

We're a group of foodies who love Austin for the abundance of dining options available. We come from diverse backgrounds, having worked as servers, chefs, sommeliers, farmers, and more.
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